The return of respectful viticulture

Respect of Nature, the Vine and the Wines of Burgundy

The Duband estate chose to convert entirely to organic agriculture in 2006. David Duband made the choice first and foremost out of respect for the environment but also for the intrinsic quality of the wines. For David, the quality of a wine is comparable of a long chain made up of multiple links. Removing or adding a link changes nothing of the appearance of the chain but its strength depends on it!

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Moving toward a progressive concept

Great wines of Burgundy come from exceptional pinot noir, and exceptional grapes come from well tended vineyards.

For David Duband, vignerons should be relearning how to work the vineyards. Observing, listening, analyzing just as the older generations did. Researching the techniques that made the wines of Burgundy pre-1960 so exceptional. The extensive viticulture of the 1970s and beyond should be forgotten, with its herbicides and pesticides. Of course, these made the work in the vineyard easier but at what price...
Domaine Duband stopped using weed killers and began to work the soils in 1998. He uses natural or planted cover crops to fight against erosion and improve the structure of the soil by promoting the activity of microorganisms naturally present in the environment of the vine.

Pruning is done with great precision to limit yields, concentrate aromas and to allow the vine to express the best of the Climats in the Côte de Nuits be it in Vosne-Romanée, Chambolle-Musigny, Gevrey-Chambertin, or Nuits-Saint-Georges...
David Duband forces himself to use only products free of synthetic molecules. For the cultivation of the vine, he uses materials of natural origin and seeks to promote the natural struggle between species. His goal is to sustain the life of the soil, plant and animal species that promote the natural ecosystem.